Handy tools to help you manage your money!

Cash Envelopes - Cotton Candy


Make Budgeting fun and achievable with Cash Envelopes

5 Cash Envelopes
5 Budget Sheets
Snap Design
Water and Tear Resistant
Size: 3.3 inches x 6.5 inches
Material: Plastic
Comes with one white label per envelope to customise the name of your Envelope.
The cash envelope system can be used to help manage your budget
You can use the envelopes for variable expenses - expenses that can change over time depending on how often and how much you use the product or service.
Some examples include:
- Food 
- Petrol
- Car expenses 
- Entertainment
- Holidays 
- Household Items
- Dentist 
- Pharmacy
- Clothing 
- Kids activities 
- Christmas
- Gifts - birthdays and weddings etc 
Many more options - you can use the envelopes in a way that suits you and your budget. 

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