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Wanting to get up earlier? Do 10,000 steps per day? Make your bed in the morning? Drink more water and less alcohol? Using the Habit Tracker will help you turn your habits into part of your everyday lifestyle. It helps you stay accountable and reminds you daily of the tasks you are wanting to achieve. On average it takes 60 days to create a habit and 7 days to break a new habit. Use the Habit Tracker to start forming new habits today! 

Your purchase includes a PDF printable Habit Tracker Chart. Write all the habits you are wanting to create, and each day tick them off when you complete each habit. Write the number of coffees you had that day, circle the wine glass if you consumed alcohol, highlight the amount of water you consumed and write the hours of sleep you had. At the end of the month - look back to see if you can identify any patterns with your habits. 

I am so addicted to my habit tracker! 

Each chart includes a single PDF without the Sample Watermark as seen in the picture. 

Please feel free to print the charts as much as you like for FREE but please do not share the PDF. Post online your progress and tag @creating_wealth_nz. Please do not post blank sheets online to reduce the chance of breaching the copyright. 

Thank you and i wish you the very best on your financial journey! 

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