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Debt Smasher Chart - PERSONAL LOAN

Debt Smasher

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Pay off your personal loan faster using the Debt Smasher - Personal Loan. 

Your purchase includes a PDF printable Personal Loan Chart. Write the total amount owing on your personal loan/s at the top and divide the amount by 32 payments (32 lines on the chart). Highlight each line when you make a payment towards your personal loan - it is so rewarding trying to complete the chart as fast as you can! 

The idea is to pay off all your debt from smallest to largest - you may think its best to pay off the biggest debt with the highest interest but you may loose momentum. Start with the smallest and see results faster. 

Each chart includes a single PDF without the Sample Watermark as seen in the picture. 

Please feel free to print the charts as much as you like for FREE but please do not share the PDF. Post online your progress and tag @creating_wealth_nz. Please do not post blank sheets online to reduce the chance of breaching the copyright. 

Thank you and i wish you the very best on your financial journey! 

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