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Cambridge Mortgage Brokers

If you're looking for a Cambridge Mortgage Broker you've come to the right place.

How can we help? 

We help you reach your home ownership and property investment goals, working with you through the entire process of purchasing a home from start to finish.

  • Buying your first home 

  • Buying an investment property 

  • Refinancing 

  • Buying a holiday home 

  • Renovating 

  • Consolidating debts 

  • Building a new home 

  • Upgrading to a new or bigger home 

Why use a mortgage broker?

Creating Wealth acts as an intermediary between you and the bank. We also work closely with your lawyer, accountant and any other professionals giving you the best options and advice with your lending.

  • We are FREE – we are paid by the lender when the home loan is drawn down

  • Less hassle – we’re an intermediary between you, the bank, your lawyer, accountant and any other professionals

  • You get the best deal – we’ll help you assess your finances, and give you the best options and lending advice through our network of lenders

  • Less stress – Life is busy, so we remove the man-hours and stress involved, doing all the legwork and research for you at no cost

  • Personal touch – we’re with you through the entire process of purchasing your home

  • Ongoing support – we check in once a year to review your lending and ensure it’s still fit for purpose

  • Pay off your mortgage faster – we’ll help you to structure your lending to pay it off faster



Kylee is an experienced professional in the finance industry with 16 years of expertise. She joined Creating Wealth in 2022. She is a Registered Financial Adviser - specialising in home lending and is qualified with Level 5 in Financial Services. 

Prior to becoming a mortgage adviser, she worked at several banks specialising in home lending and relationship management. She has also worked in insurance as a rural account manager and rural consultant.

Customer-focused, she always puts her clients first. She particularly enjoys helping clients get into their first family home. 

"The process can be daunting for people not knowing where they stand and what they need to do to get there." 

"One of the reasons I wanted to be a mortgage adviser was to be able to give clients more options..... and find a solution that meets their needs." 

"Kylee was pleasant to deal with. She was very efficient and is full of industry knowledge. She gave us good advice when our loan came up for review. She even managed to get us a better rate than the bank first offered and her service didn't cost anything. Thanks so much Kylee"

- Veronica McClutchie


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