Set goals, create a budget, smash your debt and save

Is debt weighing you down? Do your bills pile up? Is your money spent before you’re even paid? Do you buy everything on credit but can’t always pay it back? Do you shop on the fly? You’re not alone.


Real wealth is gained by the lifestyle you choose to live, not by how much you earn. It's about changing your mindset from “I see it, I want it, I buy it” and learning to be grateful with what you have and in the people that surround you. 

We identify money habits and change your behaviour around money. It begins with the debt-free journey – eliminating your consumer debt and never considering it again. Say goodbye to credit cards and car loans. Let's develop good habits with your money, take control with a budget and achieve your financial goals and dreams.


Start with a bucket list. To create one, write a list of all the things you want to achieve. This can include anything, from exploring a country or jumping out of a plane, to becoming debt free. 

For example: 

  • Run a marathon 
  • Explore Bali
  • Own a caravan 
  • Explore NZ 
  • Build a dream home 
  • Have a million dollars in the bank

There are no time limits on your bucket list. Keep it in a safe place and tick it off as you achieve each item. Review and edit the list as you see fit. 

Have you considered what your definition of wealthy is? Is it achieving the biggest dreams on your list, or living a life you enjoy while striving to reach your dreams on your bucket list? Is it to have the flexibility to do what you want, when you want?

"Have you considered what your definition of wealthy is?"


A lot of your bucket list items will require money or future funding. So, now you need to set financial goals to achieve your bucket list. Choose one goal at a time and set a time limit that is achievable. 

For example:

  1. Eliminate all consumer debt 
  2. Become debt free
  3. Save for a home 
  4. Save or increase equity to purchase an investment property 
  5. Save for a holiday 
  6. Save for retirement 
  7. Help kids into their first home 
  8. Own a business 
  9. Be wealthy! Live a life you enjoy, on a budget you can afford

"By creating a budget you are starting to create your rich life"


Your budget is one of your most profitable tools, telling your money where to go. If you've ever looked at your bank account and wondered where your money's gone, this is a sign you are not in control of your finances. Let’s start gaining control! 

Once you've done your bucket list and set your goals, you need to do your budget. 

Start with a zero based budget. This is a method of budgeting in which income minus expenses = zero. Every dollar received into your bank account or cash received into your hand is allocated. You are instructing every dollar where to go before it leaves your account. 

So, if you earn $1,500 a fortnight, you want everything you spend in your household such as loans, insurance, groceries, savings and investments to add up to $1,500.  

4. SAVE $1000

Before you start repaying your debt, set up an emergency fund. Ensure you have enough insurance cover to protect your largest assets – YOU (life insurance) and YOUR INCOME (income protection)! Then save $1,000 as quickly as possible. 

Once you've got this there's no reason to rely on debt if something goes wrong. You're in control now. Don't rely on a credit card for these emergencies. Want to have a larger emergency fund? Go for it! A minimum of $1,000 is a nice buffer and should be sufficient if you have enough insurance in place. 


One-by-one, smash your debts from smallest to largest. Doing the smallest first provides a sense of accomplishment, so you're more likely to stick to the plan because you can see the results quickly. 

It’s like being on a diet. If you're told to lose 10 kilos as fast as you can, compared to 5 kilos, you’re more likely to achieve and stick to the 5 kilo goal because you'll see results faster. Once you've hit that goal, you’re ready to achieve more. The same goes for your finances. 

"One-by-one smash your debts from smallest to largest"


Debt can come in many forms. We focus on consumer debt, which includes things like credit cards, consumer finance, student loans and buy now - pay later. 


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