A system to help you stay on top of your finances

A cash envelope system can help you stay on track with your budget by helping you to physically 'see' your money


When you're using a budget, you will find some categories easier to stick to than others. For example, your rent or gym membership doesn't fluctuate, but your clothing, weekend activities and vehicle maintenance can, which can be hard to predict and prepare for. 

The cash envelope system helps you to stick to your budget, by allowing you to put aside money every pay day for these categories. 

In my budget I have set up automatic payments or direct debits for every category I possibly can. I then have 5 cash envelopes labelled: 

  1. Gifts
  2. Car Maintenance
  3. Spending (on myself for things like beauty, hair, going out)
  4. Kids
  5. Activities

Tangible cash in your hand

Every pay-day I withdraw the total amount allocated to these categories as per my budget. I put the cash into the envelope and I then have cash available to use when / if I need. It's a really good habit to get into. 

The envelopes are tangible so you can see the amount of money you have. It makes you more accountable for your purchases and gets you thinking “do I really need this?” What if something comes up in the next week? 

The cash envelope system allows you to live on a budget you enjoy. Going out for coffee or takeaways or Rainbows End is OK, because you paid for it in cash! You didn’t borrow and you planned for it in your budget. 

"Cash envelopes get you thinking 'do I really need this?'”


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