Helping people start their journey to a wealthy life 

My name is Jen, and I started Creating Wealth to help people like me. I've worked with many clients and I thrive helping people to achieve their wealthy life and change their spending habits forever.

I have a degree in Finance and Economics with over many years in the banking industry. But I also understand all too well how behaviour and habits dictate wealth. 

We were a family on two reasonably high incomes reduced to one when I decided to be a stay at home mum. Unfortunately, my spending behaviour didn’t change. We never had a budget and for the first time in our lives we fell into the consumer debt hole reaching for interest free credit. 

When you have consumer debt or are thinking about borrowing for a vehicle – you are living a life you cannot afford. If you can’t pay cash, you can’t afford it. 

It doesn’t matter how educated you are, or what your income is – you need to be in control of money. Don’t let your money control you – have a plan! Have a budget! 

When you spend money you should ask yourself “what am I giving up in the future to have this now?” You may have heard the term “YOLO” – you only live once. If you use that motto when it comes to your finances, then you will have little hope of creating wealth. 

Statistics NZ states the life expectancy of a male is 79 and it’s 83 for a female, so let’s make it count! We shouldn’t work for 45 years of our lives to not live for what we dreamed of. My approach is to sacrifice a little now to live a wealthy life in the future. 

It's about living within the limits of your income, with money set aside for the future to make your money grow. Make your money work for you, don't let money control you.

How do you create wealth? By living a life you love, on an affordable budget.  

I help people start their journey to a wealthy life. Let's chat. 

Jen x 


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