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Minimalism boosts financial management and mental health

Have you seen a beautiful home and thought – I would love to live here, or I would love to have a house like this? You may think its because of the “items” they have in the house but in fact it may be the items they don’t have in the house that you are attracted too. In this blog post we talk about how minimalism can help build your wealth and clear your mind.

The clean, fresh, spacious feel that makes you feel inspired, happy and relaxed, a feeling you have been craving in your life. Then you walk into your home and feel overwhelmed a little stressed, tired – a feeling of endless jobs. It maybe the large number of “things” in your house which is giving you this feeling of a cluttered mind. 

There is research that supports the fact - a clear area and less mess around you allows you to have a clear mind, better concentration and less stress. Sometimes you may realize you are stressed but cannot uncover what bought the stress on. This can be due to having clutter or mess which you are subconsciously aware of and its a job you need to tackle but thinking about finding the time or how you are going to tackle this can creates stress. 

Two easy solutions: 

- Less items, which reduces clutter/mess

- Short time set aside each day to clean. Short but frequent. 

Minimalism and how it can build wealth

The minimalist lifestyle is all about owning less and therefore spending less. The minimalist approach is all part of the creating wealth journey. It benefits you not only in terms of cleaning up your house but declutters your mind and keeps more money in pocket. It really gets you to think before you buy and there is less need to go mindlessly shopping but instead shopping for things you need when you need them. You will find yourself spending less because you will receive more satisfaction with not spending and have less things and making the most of what you have.  

The concept is that every item in your house has a home – no home for it – it’s gone. If it doesn’t bring you joy – it’s gone. If it hasn’t been worn in the last two years, its gone. By gone I mean either sold, donated or binned. 

De-clutter your house

Look around – do you have too much? Or when you look at it do you hate it (but it was given you from your late Aunty Peggy). There are many different concepts out there as to how you can clean your home. But personally, I do room by room or a segment, for example, today I did the container draws. I managed to fill 3 brown paper bags – 1 to be donated to a friend having a baby, 1 to be sold and the other to be binned. I set aside 1 hour to do this, and I felt great after seeing the results. I find myself doing this at least once a year – it is crazy as to how much you can accumulate or what turns up in a draw you didn’t expect it to be in. 

Plastics declutter

Plastics declutter
Draw declutter

Draw declutter
Items no longer needed - donated, sold or binned.

Items no longer needed - donated, sold or binned.

Sell items

If you have many items in one category it is a great to sell as a “bulk” listing. When putting a price on the item you need to think – It wasn’t making any money sitting in the house – in fact it was probably depreciating in value so what’s the minimum I will sell for and list it for that price. Selling second-hand goods isn’t about making a premium its about being compensated for an item you already paid money for and used.  Drop the price every few days until it sells. Time is money so we don’t want too much time spent on selling your household items. 

When you order the "My Creating Wealth Workbook" it now includes a printable Sales tracker! Once you start living a minimalist lifestyle - its becomes so rewarding and you really start to appreciate what really matters to you and what you want in your life. 


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