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Frugal February Challenge

This February is a short month – only 29 days so it is a good time to take part in the Frugal challenge! This challenge is a good way to start becoming disciplined with your spending and challenge yourself to save money, pay off debt and become as minimalist as you can.

Reduce temptation by letting every know

Get your household involved and inform your kids of the challenge you are completing. Try and get everyone to put in ideas on activities you can do for free – taking picnic lunches to the park, reduce temptation by letting your friends and co-workers know what you are doing. Going out for coffee? Suggest making it and sitting down at the local park.

Unsubscribe from emails from stores, don’t let your emotions drive you to purchase unnecessary goods in the hope that it will make you feel better. Acknowledge how you’re feeling and go for a walk take a breath and focus on your goals – spending is not one of them.

Plan for Spending

Get a calendar and write down when infrequent expenses are due – For example we are going to Auckland on a Sunday this month and I am setting aside cash for the event. As long as you are prepared, have a plan for the expense and it is not an impulsive spend – you are winning!

But what about Valentine’s Day?

Just because someone spends money on their partner doesn’t mean they love them more. Think of a way to surprise your loved one that doesn’t cost a lot of money - a romantic picnic for valentine’s day is a great idea or popcorn and a bottle of bubbles with a Netflix Movie.

If you spend

We’re not perfect, but the fact we are trying as hard as we can is great! And if you had not started this challenge you may have spent hundreds on luxury goods – just keep going and learn from your mistakes, look back at why you spend. Did it make you feel good? Did you use the excuse “but it wasn’t for me?” We have to acknowledge that just because we don’t purchase things for ourselves, we are still spending, and it is a problem that we can overcome.

Little hint – this is practice for our NO-SPEND SEPTEMBER! 


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